Supporting translation into 60 languages through our global network. We provide the optimal output for a global audience.

Multilingual Translation

We provide translations in more than 60 languages worldwide, covering a range of fields from specialized technical translations such as automobile and machinery manuals to translations for visitors to Japan. Our global network of native-speaking translators in North America, Europe, Greater China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East enables us to provide high-quality translations that reflect the local culture.

Our Strengths

Wide Range of Services Provided by Highly-Skilled Native Translators

Our translators are native speakers of the languages into which they translate. Each of our expert translators has at least three years' experience translating in their respective fields. By selecting the most suitable translators based on both their knowledge of the country's culture and customs and their expertise in specific fields, we are able to provide translation services for a wide range of customers.

Quality Assurance Through Skill Tests and Feedback

We check the skills of translators with our own rigorous skill tests. In addition, we strive to maintain high translation quality in all operations by giving translators feedback on the check results after every job.

Support Tools and Proprietary System

We use translation support tools and our own proprietary system to automatically detect errors, such as omissions and duplicate words, and to prevent errors from occurring.

Wide Range of Formats

In addition to providing translations, we also manage the data in a system that makes it possible to output it in a wide range of formats. We are able to meet the needs of our customers for paper-based media such as manuals and catalogs, as well as digital content for websites, apps, smartphones, and tablets. We also provide system solutions, such as the "Navi Support System," which was developed in response to the challenges of translating in-vehicle multimedia and meter displays into multiple languages.