Sales Promotion

Sales Promotion

Planning from a marketing perspective. Producing events and novelty goods.


Optimal promotion requires a marketing perspective that provides value to customers and contributes to sales. The first step is to think of ways to approach customers who appreciate the value our customers provide, based on customer segmentation (categorization), target-setting, and positioning relative to the competition. In addition, in recent years, digital marketing techniques have become indispensable. We strengthen the connections with your customers by utilizing data obtained not only from websites, but from all digital touch points.


By transforming companies and products into brands, we increase recognition, gain customer trust and empathy, and turn your customers into fans. The three measures to achieve this are: (1) identifying the issues and potential of the brand and formulating strategies to enhance its competitiveness (brand strategy), (2) visual expression through words and design (brand development), and (3) formulating management strategies to enhance the value of the brand both internally and externally (brand operation). Getting branding right produces long-term benefits.

Events and Exhibitions

From planning various events and exhibitions, to venue setup and operation, we coordinate your event using our integrated system. We provide optimal production services, including displays and staging to impress customers with the characteristics of your products, Point of Purchase (POP) and signage production and construction, audio and video equipment, arrangements for operational staff, and securing the services of MCs and narrators. In addition to holding events and exhibitions for companies and organizations in Japan, we have also used our global network to hold travel exhibitions for local governments and product events in Asia and Europe.


We produce novelties such as stationery, reusable shopping bags and other kinds of bags, miscellaneous goods, and original packaged sweets. We offer a wide variety of items to suit the purpose and target customers of the promotion in which the novelties will be distributed. We have been entrusted with managing the license for "Sakura Panda," the official mascot of Japanese department store Daimaru Matsuzakaya, and we have produced many Sakura Panda-themed items. The planning of events and lotteries using these items has also been very successful. ITP’s strength is our integrated production based on a wealth of ideas from our creative staff. We also have the know-how to meet the strict quality standards required by department stores, enabling us to provide the highest quality novelties.

Novelty sample

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