Ideas a Step Ahead.
Service by Your Side.
We always strive to provide higher quality communication services.

In order to offer the advantages that customers demand, we integrate technologies and know-how that are a step ahead of the rest into our information design business.

These efforts include utilization of new devices, content designed to match user activities, and research on IoT and other new fields and technologies.

Our aim is to secure a foothold just one step into the future.
In this way, we continue to serve as a trusted partner that moves forward side by side with each customer.

At ITP, we will continue to pursue information design that is always a step ahead.

Information Design

We are fully equipped to provide multi-format content optimized to the user experience that takes advantage of both non-digital and digital approaches.

A Step Ahead in Global Business

Seamless global business operations: whether it be in the domestic or international realm, we offer optimized solutions to our customers.

ITP Today

Real-life implementation examples, news releases and more.

A Step Ahead in Communication

For the last 100 years,
ITP has endeavored to be one step into the future.
Ours is a history defined by the pursuit of good communication,
which is vital in information design.

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