Our Values

As a 100-year-old company founded in Kyoto, ITP is dedicated to fulfilling our mission to society through carrying forward tradition while also delivering business innovations in line with the changing times.

The three letters of our new company name "ITP" are derived from the key words "Ideas, Technology, People." This name encapsulates our goal to contribute broadly to our customers and society through the deployment of a diverse range of information services.


We communicate closely with our customers to identify the true nature of problems and create ideas that become the keys towards finding solutions.


In order to optimally realize the ideas we have created, we devote ourselves to the daily study of technology and use our advanced skills to shape information.


Each of our employees demonstrate their abilities and build positive relationships between people to make contributions to only our customers, but a wide range of people in society.

ITP Brand Mark

■ Brand Mark (from 2018)

Our brand mark utilizes coloring and three-dimensionality that provides a hint to the story of our development from our start in the printing business to our expansion into digital content creation, 3D, and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR). This colorful scheme and visual illusion expresses the provision of various services from every possible angle. The linear shape represents our mindset of completing products for our customers in a beautiful and precise manner.

ITP Logotype

■ Logotype (from 2020)

The angular design of the three letters “ITP” are aligned with the style of our brand mark to give a sharp impression that clears a path for the future. The “P” representing People is drawn with a gentle curve which introduces an image of flexibility. This edgy yet basic appearance that values the essence of our company symbolizes the new ITP.