Attract customers, improve sales,
and increase the value of your brand.
Harness effective visuals to deepen your appeal.

Posters and Flyers

Posters displayed on the street or in storefronts need to create an immediate impression on people who might see them for a moment as they pass by. Our designers use photographs and illustrations effectively, devise color schemes, and provide memorable advertising slogans in line with the customer's objectives. Flyers, on the other hand, are distributed in large quantities, so the layout needs to be easy to read and easy to understand in order to communicate the customer's message. Our graphic design adapted for digital content creation highlights the value of products, services or events, helping to attract customers and drive sales.

Catalogs and Pamphlets

We are also involved in the editorial design of a range of publications, including product catalogs for manufacturers, product catalogs for department stores, company brochures, school brochures, bridal pamphlets, and travel pamphlets. We consider the requirements based on the intended use, organize the information and structure the pages to draw the reader’s interest. Based on the color scheme and tone of the content, we arrange photos, diagrams, illustrations, text, and other elements in a way that is easy to read. For longer publications with hundreds of pages, we create a design template and then import the text to improve efficiency.

Logotypes and Brand Marks (VI)

Logotypes and brand marks visually express a company’s image. They play an important role in enhancing the company's brand value, and are designed to reflect the company's business philosophy and vision. Using these logos and brand marks, we design business cards, signboards, and other materials, and also utilize them in public relations activities. We handle the entire process from concept to final design, and also create a VI manual that defines the design and provides usage guidelines. A logo or mark will be used for a long time, so after it is created we also support its application and maintenance.

Floor Plans

We create floor plans used to sell new condominiums and detached houses, and also use them to produce drawings for property sales contracts. The CAD drawings provided by the design company are converted directly into Adobe Illustrator format for production. Our strength is that our creators are knowledgeable about residential architecture and can produce floor plans while interacting with the owner and designers. Drawings for buildings are created from many multiple two-dimensional drawings to capture the three-dimensional structure, but sometimes the drawings may not match up. We use our knowledge and experience to ensure the drawings are consistent in order to create highly accurate floor plans.
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In-Store Tools

We plan and produce in-store tools that draw attention to products at touch points with customers and drive sales. Specifically, we create Point of Purchase (POP) advertising, display stands for products, and large fixtures. We not only use paper, but also a wide range of materials such as plastic and steel. We conduct extensive in-store research, planning, rough sketching, and prototyping in order to complete each project. We have an extensive track record in various industries such as home appliances, cosmetics, sports, beverages, and construction materials. In addition to in-store tools, we also provide a range of services to attract customers and promote sales, including packaging and other materials, pamphlets and handouts, as well as website design.