The ISHIDA TAISEISHA global network encompasses 17 offices in 11 countries.


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How is your company viewed overseas?

"High quality". "Fashionable". "Reliable".
The global success of businesses relies heavily on one element.
That element is the "Power" of a strong brand image.
You need a clear strategy to "build your brand image" in overseas markets.


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When you imagine localization, do you simply consider translating and printing content for different countries?

It's true that supply and distribution of materials are vital.
And we've definitely got that covered.
But there's much more to localization than that.
How should your business market its products and services abroad?
The answer lies in adapting your information to suit local culture and trends.
That is what true localization is.


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Overseas sales promotion, product showcasing…
the list goes on.
Just imagining everything you have to do
can give you a headache.

How should you manage things on location? Who will design and plan the event?
Where will your venue be? And what about special guests?
If you have a reliable partner with proven results, your promotional event is a surefire success.