Website Construction

The ITP Advantage: Five Components for Building a More Successful Web Site

Strategic Internet Professional Services

We can help clients plan general web strategies, and offer a variety of client sales support services such as content proposals,
database and system design, information gathering, photography, web page creation, hosting, and website management and operation.

Content planning/proposal
Planning & Strategy
Data collection/photography
Content Creation
Content production
System Development
Hosting Services
Multi-device compatibility
Cross Media

Planning & Strategy

Our sales support services and marketing methodology are extensively and strategically planned. With content proposals, database and system design, information gathering, photography, web page creation, hosting, site management and operation and more, we can provide everything that our clients need to create an effective website.

Content Creation

We can offer quality creative content designed to meet our clients' schedules. Data collection, copywriting, photography, content creation, web design, animation and other creative content is all produced at the highest quality.

We assign a broad team of highly skilled professionals to all our clients' projects. Producers, directors and all the support staff necessary to produce quality graphic design and copy work are mobilized to help formulate effective sales and marketing materials.

System Development

We use an agile development strategy to provide a diverse array of high-performance web applications that also excel in terms of

Our 100% in-house system development and hosting, along with our specializing in FileMaker, PHP and XML allows us to create a myriad of possibilities.

For clients with limited budgets, we plan ahead for the future. We can provide phased payment and delivery schedules, and work flexibly to maximize the potential of our client's websites.

Hosting Services

Cloud Services

The demand for recent IT systems to migrate from on-premises software to cloud-based systems has been on the rise. We employ AWS (Amazon Web Services), a cloud service that allows us to centrally manage content for a variety of different system environments.
This allows us to take information built on existing on-premises software, and migrate it to the cloud.

AWS(Amazon Web Services)

AWS is a cloud platform that uses cloud computing technologies to provide services such as virtual servers, storage, and database access. AWS has nine regional data centers located throughout the world (including Tokyo), and over forty worldwide "edge locations" that are used as content distribution points. This allows AWS to provide high-speed websites and other web services.

Since websites are available in every region of the world, this service is ideal for clients looking to internationalize their websites.

Cross Media

Using content and systems created specifically for websites, we can build a smartphone or tablet version of your website. We can also create other products, such as stand-alone web applications.

As a printing company, we can use our specialized knowledge and skills to provide clients with a variety of different content. Materials used in printing can be effectively used alongside videos or 3D CG, and even translated into numerous other languages.