Multilingual Translation

We offer authentic localization for your global business.

Our experienced translation management staff located at our offices in Japan, Europe, USA, China, and Southeast Asia will meet your multilingual translation needs. We have built a translation network based on our highly efficient translation system and offices all over the world. From sales promotion materials to instruction manuals that exceed 10,000 pages in size, we are able to provide you with multilingual translation services.

Our Fields of Expertise

With experience in fields such as business documents, automobiles, and IT/communication technologies, we are able to meet your needs.

Transport equipment
Transport equipment
Electronic components/devices
Electronic components/devices
Industrial machinery/precision instruments
Industrial machinery/precision instruments
Business documents
Business documents
IT/communication technology
IT/communication technology
Sales promotion tools
Sales promotion tools


We have over 40 years of experience in the localization industry, and from early on has been dealing with multilingual translation service. As business continues to globalize, we have translation coordinators and creative staff assigned in all of our locations starting with Japan, controlling DTP and data processes.

Technical Translation

Our experienced translators have specialized knowledge in a variety of fields, and deliver the most accurate translations possible. We provide high-quality and complete translations that use terminology appropriate for your industry.

Machine Translation

We offer a fast translation service that utilizes a translation engine. We also offer a proprietary service that combines machine translation with traditional human translation.

Display Translation

We confirm our translations of control screen text while referring to the actual screen. By doing so we can imagine how the text will show on the screen, and can streamline the layout.


We offer a total media production solution by thoroughly managing both quality and data, and through our ability to handle multiple media.

System Development

We offer systems and tools to improve your production processes. First we analyze your current workflow, then optimize those processes that can be automated using systems and tools. By doing so we can improve your work procedures.

Plan Proposal

We catch evolving product information and trends as they happen. First we analyze your users' needs and market trends, then propose a new plan that is in line with your customers.

Quality Assurance

Our quality management staff standardize your work processes, leading to a consistent level of quality. After confirming work processes, they bring to light any issues, then work on improving processes.

Supported Languages

Currently we are able to work with over 50 languages. The examples below are just a selection of languages we have worked with. For languages not listed below, please contact us.

Examples of Supported Languages

checkEnglish checkFrench checkItalian checkSpanish
checkRussian checkCzech checkPolish checkSlovakian
checkKorean checkChinese checkThai checkIndonesian
checkGerman checkDutch checkGreek checkTurkish
checkSlovenian checkHungarian checkRomanian checkAlbanian
checkVietnam checkMalay checkArabic checkPersian