With our company-wide standardized printing procedures, we provide high-quality printed products at multiple locations

Equipped to handle tasks from platemaking to pressing, our printing plants in Kyoto, Aichi, and Tokyo use a unified quality management system to maintain a standard level of quality such as a color management system that ensures consistent color reproduction. We offer a wide range of services including large-volume printing of product catalogs, brochures, and manuals, as well as variable-data printing that allows you to personalize your communications by integrating targeted messaging. We offer customized solutions to meet your
high-quality and cost-effective printing needs.

Overview of Plants

Domestic Plants

Tokyo Plant

Tokyo Plant
2 CTPs, 3 Printing Presses,
1 Saddle Stitcher, 1 Folding Machine, 1 POD

Nagoya Plant

Nagoya Plant
2 CTPs, 5 Printing Presses,
1 PP Processing Machine,
5 Folding Machines, Perfect Binding Machine, 2 PODs

Kyoto Plant

Kyoto Plant
1 CTP, 3 Printing Presses,
3 PODs

Overseas Plants

Bangkok Printing Plant
No.206/1 Moo 2, Tambon, Prakasamai, Muang Samutprakarn Samutprakarn Province 10280 Thailand

Equipment Investments and Assorted Certifications

May, 2007 Received PrivacyMark certification for entire company
June, 2011 Received ISO 14001 certification for all four plants (consolidated into three plants in September 2013)

Environmental Initiatives

We are committed to the environmental policy of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

  • ISO 14001 certified
  • FSC-CoC certified
  • Use of non-VOC inks
  • 100% recycling and reuse of treated oil
  • 100% recycling of waste paper
  • 100% recycling of waste aluminum
  • Management of hazardous chemical substances in products

Digital Printing

With the latest digital printing technologies, we provide value-added printing.
Let us help you meet your digital printing needs with our One-to-One marketing and effective, efficient promotions and communications.

Special Effects Printing

Dazzling, three dimensional products that you will want to hold in your hand and touch.
Almost anything is possible with the right creative design. With the latest technologies, we can print revolutionary new products.
These innovative products will capture customers’ attention and give those who see them a powerful experience and increase added value.

Raised Image Printing

Raised Image Printing

By stacking many layers of clear ink, expressive, dazzling designs can be highlighted by popping them out at the viewer.

Embossed Printing

Embossed Printing

An embossed look can be produced by creating an embossing mold on press and impressing the pattern on
the paper.

Digital Watermarks

Digital Watermarks

With a thin layer of clear ink, we can provide custom designed watermarks that reflect light at certain angles.

Presentation Texts

Specialized Electric Ink

With specialized inks such as white and light black, we can print on special papers or achieve high-quality color effects. White ink makes printing on black or colored paper possible. Printing on OPP or other clear materials
is also possible.

Variable Printing

Personal touch. Heart-to-heart communication. Material that will be cherished. Messages that will reach your customers.

With BlueBerry digital printing, we can create effective and efficient promotional and communication products.
BlueBerry variable printing will let you fully utilize the power of One-to-One marketing through coordination with your client databases.

Variable Printing

Make a big impact on every one of your important customers by stirring their emotion with messages that touch their hearts.
Not only can we customize addresses, but also text and photos in messages, illustrations, and other components in each material to create targeted, variable direct marketing products for you.

Digital Printing Facilities and Equipment

Kyoto Plant
Color Printer: HP Indigo 7600/5000
B&W Printer: FUJI XEROX Nuvera 120
Software: XMPie uDirect, HP SmartStream Designer

Tokyo Plant
Hardware: HP Indigo 3500
Software: HP SmartStream Designer

Nagoya Plant
Color Printer: KONIKA MINOLTA Pagemaster Pro 6500N
B&W Printer: Fuji Xerox DocuTech 6180
Software: Pageintegrator Pro