Manual Production

We reduce the burden of manual production, and streamline your business.

Beginning with automobiles, consumer electronics, and office automation equipment, our specialist staff in various fields will handle your product service manuals, operation manuals, and training tools, using quick and efficient workflows. We are also able to handle translation into approximately 60 languages.

Operation manuals
Operation manuals
Technology manuals
Technical manuals
Page reduction
Page reduction
Multi-device compatibility
Multi-device compatibility

1. QCD Initiatives

When writing a manual, it is vital to ensure that there are no errors, and that it is delivered in time for the product release.

Quality Cost Delivery

Quality: Improving Quality Through Human and
Machine Checks

To ensure quality, we don't rely solely on the extensive skills of our team of experienced, proficient editors. We also use editing software to ensure that our productions are thoroughly checked, striving to ensure that no errors will be left in the final product. We are able to adjust our services for your needs, in order to lower overall time required and reduce costs.

Cost: Logical Methods Reduce Costs

We minimize production time and cost by employing the latest production tools and team management strategies.

Delivery: Effectively Dispatching Staff to Ensure Deadlines are Met

If required, we have specialist project direction staff that we can dispatch to our client's locations. Through this, we can smooth communication between manual production and product development staff, raising overall quality while ensuring that deadlines are met.

2. Cost Reduction Support

The cost of creating manuals is a constant source of worry for many businesses. However, we can thoroughly review how your manual is produced and distributed by considering the three core elements of cost minimization: media selection, page reduction, and adjusting production methods. In addition, your decision to let these aspects of manual production be outsourced or rely entirely on in-house production greatly affects total cost.

Cost Reduction Support

Media Selection

Media selection, or how you choose to publish your product manuals, is a vital point to consider. We’ll consider every possible option in order to determine if your manual would be most cost-effective as a physical copy, distributed as a PDF, or published online as HTML.

Page Reduction

The most effective strategy for reducing costs is to reduce the number of pages in the final product. The fewer pages there are, the cheaper production becomes. However, deleting critical information will result in a difficult to understand manual. Avoiding this while deleting repetitions in addition to unnecessary screenshots and illustrations can reduce overall costs.

Adjusting Production Methods

Taking a hard look at the production environment, team makeup, or review method can help reduce costs while increasing overall speed. In addition, by double-checking how originals are produced, how images are prepared, how translation and translation requests are handled, we can improve turnaround time in the various stages of production.

3. Service Overview

We strive to create high-quality hardware and software manuals for a wide variety of fields.
We have a wealth of experience in the creation of physical manuals, HTML/PDF manuals, smartphone manuals, and manuals for a number of other types of media.

Internationally Used MFP (Multifunction Printer) Manuals

Internationally Used MFP (Multifunction Printer) Manuals

We work with MFP manufacturers to make MFP manuals that are distributed simultaneously in 35 different languages.
To achieve this, we employ a close network of expert editing, DTP, and translation staff. We handle everything from start to finish, enabling us to meet and exceed your expectations.
Production period: 1 year, 2 months.

Smartphone/Tablet Application Manuals

Smartphone/Tablet Application Manuals

We work with MFP manufacturers to make manuals for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android systems, distributed simultaneously in 11 different languages. From a single data source, we can create in-application formats, web content, PDF files and
multi-use manuals. Manuals for each type of media are customized for their appropriate platforms, ensuring that the design is effective and performance high.
Production period: 3 months

Creating Japanese Manuals from English Originals

Creating Japanese Manuals
from English Originals

We employ native Japanese technical writers with high English proficiency and extensive knowledge of automobile manufacturing to create Japanese manuals from English originals. However, we don't just stop there. By rewriting the content to make it easier to understand, we create clear and effective manuals.
Production period: 4 months