Sales Promotion of Retail Business

We offer tools and services related to sales and customer attraction.

From creative publicity work directly related to sales and customer attraction (such as department store gift catalogs, event announcement posters, or supermarket foldouts), to direct marketing and helping out with booth setup, we support your sales promotion activities 100%.

From simple transmission of information, to a communication strategy that moves your customers to act

We offer an integrated and systematic total support system for your entire sales promotion process, from planning to production/manufacturing and administration/management. From customer attraction to customer visits, and to cultivating regular customers from fixed customers, our system will help you to grow your customer base.

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Target Flow Design

We set industry type, target, and promotion goals, then combine the optimal selection and method tailored to contact points, leading to effectively and efficiently accomplishing your goals.

One-Source, Multi-Use

First, we prepare all materials (stills, videos, etc.) beforehand. Whether analog or digital, we develop a wide variety of content and then design your entire promotion so that it is reasonably priced.

From software to hardware... From customer attraction to lock-in

We offer an extensive lineup of media content and hardware, so that you can be sure that target users receive your message clearly.

Showcase Examples

We propose one-stop solutions, from planning to implementation and the production of tools.