CG Production Services

Feel safe leaving your CG needs in our hands.

CG isn't just for TV, video games, and movies. CG can be used in informational videos for products, marketing videos, in-house training tools, even user tutorials. CG helps you increase performance and lower costs. We provide our customers with a number of different types of CG service, including projection mapping.

Automobiles, Office Equipment, Home Electronics, Factory Machinery, etc.

CG for Product Introductions/Technology Demonstrations

Sales Promotion / Information Sharing

Not only do we provide customers with product promotional videos, but we can also highlight individual parts or techniques in these videos to help them appeal to a wider audience. We also provide videos for internal information sharing.

Office Buildings, Condominiums, and Other Residential Developments; Commercial Facilities, Factories, etc.

Architectural CG Simulations

Increased Requests for Construction / Acquiring New Residents

Using state-of-the-art technologies including composite imagery and 3D imaging, we can create presentations for your clients, and theater video demonstrations for condominium sales centers.

Product Mechanism Explanation / Operation Methods, Educational Materials for Use in Schools, etc.

Digital Manuals w/ CG

Information / Technological Education for Employees and Users

We provide not just CG videos for manuals, but also flash videos and tablet app materials to help increase employee knowledge
and tech know-how, and for customer service for end-users.

  • Industry

    Hot Water Supply Systems

  • Architecture

    Electric Vehicle Engines

  • Architecture

    Humidifiers (Air Conditioners)

Museums, Show Rooms, Electronics Fairs, Events, etc.

CG for Displays

PR / Conceptualization / Advertisements

We provide a variety of options for our clients including display reconstructions of historical monuments and visions of the world that the latest technologies will create.

Worlds That Only CG Can Create

CG makes it possible to show and express things that would otherwise be impossible. Fantastic images, internal systems, and composite images can all be made using CG. With photo-realism equal to video footage or photographs, you can see inside opaque objects, show detailed representations of micro and macro images, and more. For things that just can't be said with mere words or expressed in writing, CG offers an excellent alternative.

  • Industry

    Photo-realistic Imagery

  • Architecture

    Transparent Views

  • Architecture

    Recreating the Past

  • Industry

    Imagining the Future

  • Architecture

    Micro Visuals

  • Macro Visuals

    Macro Visuals

  • Abstract Images

    Abstract Images

  • Graphs


  • Composite Images

    Composite Images

Production Tools

With mastery of high-end applications and tools, we can turn customers' visions into reality.

check3D CG Software: Maya, 3ds Max, CINEMA 4D
checkCompositing Software: NUKE X, After Effects
checkRenderer: V-ray
checkSpecial Effects Plug-ins: FumeFX, AfterBurn, RealFlow