Social Contributions

We are proud to be an organization established in Kyoto.

Kyoto is a city of tradition boasting numerous historic sites and remains, and its culture has been formed through constant incorporation of new elements over the centuries in response to the changing times. Here at ITP, we are proud to be an organization founded in the city of Kyoto, and we always strive to contribute to this local community by conveying cultural information.

Conveying Cultural Information

For 15 years from 1992 to 2006, we published our informational bulletin Kyoto. Adopting a unique editorial approach, this publication explored every aspect of Kyoto, covering a wide variety of themes including traditional crafts, kimono and Kyoto cuisine.

The close interpersonal network that formed around this publication eventually led to the establishment of Shinise Mall, an online shopping site.

Even though this site was primarily created for commercial purposes, it has been highly praised for its cultural contributions through feature articles on writers (including some who have received the title of living national treasure), articles on life in traditional Kyoto-style townhouses, and other fascinating content.

Shinise Mall