Pursuing safe and reliable services - this is our concept of CSR

In order to provide safe and reliable products and services while effectively pursuing responsible corporate activities, we have established the following four corporate social responsibility (CSR) themes as well as our corporate code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

We believe that our employees are important corporate assets, and we strive to be an innovative global leader in our industry that takes full advantage of each member's individual imaginative abilities as well as teamwork throughout the organization based on mutual trust and responsibility among management personnel and employees under their charge.

We aim to achieve transparency in our operations and high-level corporate governance in order to serve as an organization that is trusted by our business partners domestically and abroad as well as by society as a whole.

We aim to be an organization that is considered fair and honest by our clients, partner companies and society by complying with Japanese and international laws and regulations and fulfilling moral responsibilities.

With a focus on environmental protection and high quality, we strive to offer safe, reliable products and services that our clients can use with confidence.


ITP and its employees are united as a team in pursuit of thoroughgoing legal compliance and widespread respect for the corporate code of conduct.

Social Contributions

As a company born and raised in Kyoto, we contribute to society through activities in support of traditional crafts and culture.
Social Contributions