Legal Compliance and Respect for the Social Code of Conduct

"We pursue compliance efforts on a company-wide basis.
ITP and its employees are united as a team in pursuit of thoroughgoing legal compliance and widespread respect for the social code of conduct."

ITP Compliance Program

We offer safe, reliable products and services that our clients can use with confidence while acknowledging management responsibilities that we must fulfill as an organization.

We have designed a compliance program for the sake of quality assurance, environmental preservation, and protection of confidential client information and personal information, and we implement this program at each of our domestic and international locations as well as at business partner locations.

Efforts Toward Information Security

ITP is in the business of processing client information, and in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR) throughout these operations, the secure management of confidential information is vital.

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, we have created internal company regulations based on JIS Q 15001 standards: we established an in-house information security framework, and in April 2007 we were certified under the Privacy Mark system of the Japan Information Processing Development Center (JIPDEC).

ITP believes product and service quality includes security that is sufficient to put our clients' minds at ease. Each of our employees understands the importance of compliance and works to ensure reliable information security.

Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction

Our classified information protection framework, which protects customer information and satisfies customers, involves more than just internal controls and strengthened management frameworks. The real focus is employee satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction is a deeply rooted concept in corporate culture. As implied by the phrase "customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are like the front and back wheels of a car," the provision of services and products that leave customers satisfied is only possible if the employee working environment is also satisfactory.

At ITP, we strive to cultivate a healthy corporate climate with good internal communication wherein the achievement of high employee satisfaction leads to greater energy levels. This, we believe, effectively promotes compliance throughout the Company.